Terms & Conditions (Booking Conditions)

An initial reservation may be made by telephone, e-mail or post upon which we will hold your chosen dates for 7 days. When you have read our “Rental terms & Conditions”, if you wish to confirm the booking you should complete the booking form and return it together with your deposit of £100 per week booked together with a signed copy of the terms & conditions. The person who signs the booking form certifies that he/she is authorised to agree to the terms and conditions on behalf of the other guests on the booking form including those substituted at a later date. The signatory must be over 21 years of age.

If you are booking more than 8 weeks prior to your arrival then we require £100 per week or part week booked to confirm the booking, which is non-refundable but will of course be deducted from the final amount due. If however, the booking is made less than 8 weeks prior to your stay then the full rental amount is due with your booking form. Upon receiving the completed booking form, signed terms & conditions and your deposit, we will confirm your booking and send an invoice stating the total amount due. A £100 security deposit is payable at the time of your balance payment and is refundable on satisfactory inspection by our management.

Balance of Payment
The balance of the payment is to be paid no later than 8 weeks prior to your arrival date. We reserve the right to cancel the booking if payment is not received by the due date and your deposit will not be returned. In the event of a cheque not being honoured by the bank on which it is drawn, we will make a charge of £25 to cover bank charges and administration costs.

Cancellation Charges
The guest may cancel the booking at any time after it has been confirmed by postal letter or by e-mail. You must ensure we receive this cancellation by telling us if you do not receive an acknowledgement from us within 7 days of your cancellation. If this cancellation is made more than 8 weeks prior to your stay then the deposit will be forfeited. If the cancellation is made less than 8 weeks before your stay and after you have paid the full rental amount then the full rental amount will be forfeited although the security deposit will be refunded in full. If through circumstances beyond our control it is necessary for us to cancel the booking, we will refund any monies paid by you with no further interest or compensation.

We accept payment by personal cheque or credit / debit card via our Florida Management Company. Cheques should be made out to Mrs. Y Allan and sent to the address on the booking form. US guests can send the cheque, booking form and terms & conditions to our Florida management company if they wish.

Alterations to confirmed bookings can be requested and will be allowed at the owners discretion. Changes must be made in writing or by e-mail

The rental rates quoted on our website are fully inclusive of all taxes and cleaning fees but exclude pool and spa heating charges.

Florida state law prohibits subletting, sharing or assigning. Therefore only the persons named on the booking form are allowed to stay in the home and any contravention of the above will render the booking void. All monies paid will be forfeited and you will be asked to vacate the villa immediately and without compensation. This does not of course prohibit you from inviting guests to visit as long as they do not stay overnight.

Inventory items, breakages, loss or damages
No inventory items are to be removed from the house with the exception of the stroller / buggy. Inventory is checked upon your departure and missing/broken items are reported to the owners. The guests agree to pay the full cost of any breakages, losses or damage to the property incurred during your stay which have been caused by the guests. Our management company will be the sole arbitrators on cause of damage and you should report any accidental damage to management at your earliest convenience. On arrival at the villa you should report to management anything that you consider to be broken/not working correctly/damaged.

The homeowners and management company do not accept any liability whatsoever for death, personal injury, accidents, loss or damage to persons or personal effects however caused as a result of the use of the home including the pool and spa. It is the responsibility of an adult member of the party to ensure that children are supervised properly when in the pool or spa or surrounding area. There is an alarm at the patio door which sounds if the correct entry/exit procedure is not adopted. This alarm must not be disarmed or tampered with in any way. If not working on your arrival, this must be reported to management immediately. Neither the homeowner nor management will be held liable for the loss of any main services which can fail temporarily during bad weather situations or the failure of appliances, nor for the consequences of the actions taken in the vicinity by any authority or utility company over which there is no control by the owners. The homeowners/management will not accept any liability whatsoever for the death, personal injury, accidents, loss or damage to persons or personal effects or for any such claim by a third party as a consequence of the actions by the guests or other persons visiting the property during the period of rental. This waiver also applies to guests of the guests.

Guests are strongly recommended to take out adequate holiday insurance to cover eventualities such as cancellation, sickness, accident, damage etc. The homeowner/management do not accept any liability for loss or delay occasioned by any of the following. Strikes, Riots, Political unrest, war or threat of war, terrorist activities, Industrial disputes, Fire, Flood, technical or weather problems to transport/aircraft/airport closure or any event beyond the control of the owners and management. Airport captains are legally entitled to deny boarding to any persons who appear unfit to fly. Any passenger in a condition unacceptable to the captain and is refused passage will be deemed as giving notice of cancellation of the rental of the home.

Arrival & Departure
The rental shall commence at 4 p.m. on the day of arrival and ceases at 10a.m on the day of departure. Stays in excess of 10a.m can only be arranged with management if there are no guests arriving on the day of your departure.

Complaints or Dissatisfaction
We sincerely hope that you do not have any cause for complaint as our home is maintained to exceptionally high standards by the owners who visit and maintain/upgrade on a regular basis and our local management company. In the unlikely event that you wish to make a complaint you must contact the management company and if necessary follow up the complaint with a letter.

Internet Usage
Whilst the home is equipped with a WiFI internet connection, this can only be used via your own personal devices. We do not charge for this feature but equally will not refund any monies or offer any compensation should the internet connection be not working for any reason during your stay.

Please bear in mind that the homes on either side of you are US resident owned and we therefore request that out of respect to your neighbours that no noise is made between the hours of 10p.m and 8a.m.

No Smoking Policy
Please note that our home is a non-smoking home although smoking is permitted outside in the lanai area ONLY. Should the cleaners on inspecting feel that there are signs of smoking inside the house we reserve the right to withhold your security deposit in order to pay for ionization.

No pets of any kind are allowed on the premises under any circumstances. Anyone found with a pet during the stay will be asked to vacate, without refund.

All utilities such as water, gas, electric, cable tv are included within the rental amount.

Pool Heating
Guests may use the swimming pool at their own risk. In the event that pool heating has been requested and paid for, the owners cannot guarantee a specific pool temperature as it is very dependant on the prevailing weather conditions. Whilst the electric heater is set to a temperature of 84 degrees this will not be the temperature first thing in the morning. The pool will lose heat overnight and will take 2 or more hours of the system running to arrive at the set point of 84. In very cold weather it may not be possible to achieve a temperature of 84 as heat pumps simply do not function below a certain temperature. ( Below 45 ) The heater is a mechanical device which can of course break down. Although this is a rare event, should this happen management will do their best to repair the equipment and refunds will be made on pool heat charges only for the days that the equipment is not working. The supplied blue pool blanket, if fitted when you arrive must be removed for swimming and replaced at the end of each day. Without the blanket the pool will lose all of its heat overnight and may not recover that lost heat the following day in cold weather.

Information and Guest Book
An information binder full of useful information is provided by the management and it is in your interest to read through this during the first part of your stay. A guestbook is also available for you to read previous renters comments and tips. Please feel free to add your own. These books must not be removed from the villa.

Guests Agree To :-
Take good care of the home and property and to leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of your stay.
Abide by the conditions listed above.
Permit the management company reasonable access to carry out any repairs or maintenance as required.
Report any damage, loss, breakage, problem or concern IMMEDIATELY THAT IT IS DISCOVERED to the management company.
I have read and accept the rental terms and conditions listed on the above 3 pages.
I am over 21 years of age.